Recruiting Makes Cent$ 2nd & 3rd Quarter 2014 Bonus Checks
Tuesday, 23 December 2014 10:05

Recruiting Makes Cent$ 2nd & 3rd Quarter Bonus Checks

Recruiting Makes Cent$ program continues to welcome new drivers and rewards the PMTG drivers who recruited them.

During the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2014, PMTG wrote 32 bonus checks, totaling over $10,000.

A hearty thanks and congratulations to the dedicated drivers who took advantage of PMTG’s Recruiting Makes Cent$ program.  

The following employees earned Recruiting Makes Cent$ bonus checks:  

  • Lamont Tazewell
  • Luis Perez  
  • Silas Andrews
  • Mike Ford    
  • Silas Andrews
  • Harold Guyn
  • Sidney Parham
  • Tereal Wilson
  • David Gamsby
  • Charles Fornari
  • Sindou Fofama
  • James Dasch
  • Gary Konz
  • Jeff Moss
  • Ray Ward
  • Karl Ockerman
  • Kirk Kirkendall

There a many ways that you can earn a bonus check by getting involved in Recruiting Makes Cent$. Learn more about Recruiting Makes Cent$ programs: