PMTG Fleet

Enclosed Carriers Protect Vehicles

2009 WesternStar/Cottrell 9-Car Enclosed

PMTG currently maintains one of the largest fleets of enclosed automotive transport tractor trailers dedicated to the Eastern U.S. The majority of PMTG's carriers are enclosed, which protects client vehicles from the risk of damage caused by in-transit debris (e.g., stones, salt, tree limbs, etc).

In addition to being enclosed, vehicles are secured inside the trailers by four soft, over-the-wheel tie-downs on a "level plane" — protecting the vehicle's suspension.

The soft tie-down system has proven over time to deliver superior safety, which when combined with enclosed transport, enables PMTG to deliver industry-leading damage-free delivery rates.

Frequently Scheduled Maintenance

Proper fleet maintenance is critically important to the Company and its customers. To ensure safety, provide drivers with the best equipment possible, and facilitate on-time, damage-free delivery, PMTG enforces frequent scheduled service for all vehicles in operation.