Two-4-One: Double the Money Double Your Fun with Recruiting Makes Cent$

2-4-1 Driver Recruitment Pays Off for You and PMTG

Want to make an easy cash bonus? Recruit CDL A drivers for PMTG. Now, Recruiting Makes Cent$ pays 2-4-1 (two for one) and doubles the penny per mile bonus money by increasing the payout from 1-cent to 2-cents per mile. Just refer a qualified CDL A truck driver to PMTG to double your CA$H bonus!

How Recruiting Makes Cent$ Works

If you haven't participated in Recruiting Makes Cent$ in the past, here's how it works:  PMTG rewards employees who recommend qualified drivers to the company by paying them a bonus based on the number of miles driven by the new driver. Those miles driven are paid out in cash to you at a penny per mile. For a limited time, you could earn a two pennies per mile for every mile driven by your recruited driver. The cash bonuses area paid quarterly.

PMTG is Growing! We Need More Drivers Like You.

Our drivers drive a lot so the pennies add up fast. And business is good.

PMTG continues to grow so we're looking for a more qualified drivers to keep up with the demand for new cars. That's why we are doubling the Recruiting Makes Cent$ bonus.

Want My Two Cent$? Refer a Qualified Driver!

For a limited time, you could earn a two pennies per mile for every mile driven by your recruited driver. And, did I mention that PMTG pays your Recruiting Makes Cent$ bonus quarterly!

Who Do You Know That Should be Driving for PMTG?

This is a limited time promotion, so think about who you know that should be driving for PMTG. Think about the other drivers you know, the ones that you've met, or drivers you once worked with. They could be driving for PMTG and you could be earning a one penny per mile bonus for every mile they drive...except now we'll pay you a two penny per mile bonus.

Make Money for Every Mile They Drive

By the way, PMTG drivers average around 100,000 miles per year...that's a lot of pennies! What are you waiting for? Double your bonus now during PMTG’s 2-4-1 Recruiting Makes Cent$ Driver Recruitment promotion.

2-4-1 Recruiting Makes Cent$ Review

PMTG Pays You a 2-Pennies for Every One Mile driven by a qualified CDL A driver you refer (for a limited time)

Bonus Are Paid Quarterly

PMTG will pay out Recruiting Makes Cent$ bonuses on a quarterly basis.

Make Sure You Are Named On the Application to Receive Your Bonus

The referred driver applicant must place your name and your employee number on the application. That makes it easier for us to write you the bonus check.

Double the bonus money for a limited time with the 2-4-1 Recruiting Makes Cent$ limited time offer.